September 23 2023 - Fall Festival

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"I'm surprised you celebrate the human way," Uuner creaked down at the dwarf primal.

"Nonsense," Ekin spoke with one hand on their chin, pondering. "Humans, of course not. Just a moment, though."

The dwarf primal pressed both front paws to the sides of a massive pumpkin, the color of their fur almost matching the rind of the gourd. As their paws began glowing, a vine grew out from where it once was lopped off at the stem. The vine wrapped itself around the pumpkin, entwining itself in spirals around the globular fruit. Finally, the vine neatly tucked itself away underneath the pumpkin, and the glow faded away. Taking a deep breath as they released their paws, Ekin pulled a large knife out from under the table.

"I celebrate my way," The dwarf primal drawled with a smile, and sunk the knife into the pumpkin.


Fall Changelog

  • This Fall's new starter is Ekin, the pumpkin carver and pumpkin farmer! They have three new genes for us!
  • New gene: Caldera, we actually got fire skypunch I was kidding last time
  • New gene: Raptor, based on the barring on hawk chests! (Suggested by Fey )
  • New gene: Vest, an any-color marking locked to the upper torso! (Suggested by pokeapache )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and another strange creature from the Couloir has appeared - the Warren. Rabbits are in. Content warning for Swarming/Amalgamation/Body Horror.
    also congrats to jynxyz who got 80 points last raid. hello???
  • The Dwarf Primal Translucent Pack is now available!

If you see any broken images, please know that we're working on it. deviantArt changed a ton of image tokens and it killed most of our guide pages. The priority is currently gene guides and then nsk net guides.

Everything should be rolled over, if you see something mentioning a season that's not fall let me know!

- Anarchisme



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