August 1 2023 - Veluchasm Festival!

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The Veluchasm Festival!

Runs August 1, 2023 - 11:59 PM August 31, 2023 (Pacific Time)


We have drinks, streamers, sparklers, and aliens, no matter which world you’re celebrating on! The denizens of Velukaelo and those of the Chasm-Connected worlds have been aware of each other for years, and our celebration is back and better than ever!

While Ketucari and Rixixi have had relationships every now and again, something new has started to spring up - a hybrid species referred to as the Ketixi! With the help of B-NOMALY mechanic Steele and expert engineer Kenkasei, the B-NOMALY’s breeding safety machine was altered with tarn water to safely join the genes of Rixixi and Ketucari while filtering out all sorts of possible issues. While it is possible to create a Ketixi naturally, it is rare, so we recommend use of the machine!

Something else new has cropped up again - with further experiments to the breeding safety machine, Ketucari and B-NOMALIES have been able to hybridize into what passes as a bipedal companion on Velukaelo and a subtype of B-NOMALY in the Chasm! KETU-NOMALIES stand mostly bipedally, and have a few K-NOM specific traits such as Godkiller Face and Godkiller Hands due to their heritage!

You will need an account on both and to participate in this event!
The Veluchasm Festival is being hosted at! This is mostly because we use prompts on Chasmhome and Ketucari uses comments on news pages, and the latter is how the previous Veluchasm worked. Head over there to participate!

Veluchasm Changelog 2023

  • Added K-NOMs
  • Added Semicustom option
  • Added the following genes: Sunwashed, Maltese, Patchwork, Ghost, Kaurphyt Lines (counterpart Wrought), Rixixi Brindle (counterpart Ketucari Brindle), Sylvan Butterfly (combo - Sylvan and Butterfly), Glaze (counterpart Morpho), Partial, Segment, and Unnatural Segment
  • Added Haze to Windstorm's counterparts
  • Added the Colorpitch Trio (Colorpitch - Ketucari, the color mod) (Colorpitch - Rixixi, the gemcrafted gene) (Colorpitch Matter - B-NOMALY, the greymatter modifier)
  • Godkiller traits and Feather Duster for B-NOMALIES
  • Expanded advertisement options


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