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Illusionate-Glass Core - Moddable

An Aexend-Style core made of Illusionate hide. Highly experimental.

Created via Crafting.

Can be equipped to a Rixixi to allow the following to occur:
  • Removes the restriction on how many Illusionate-Glass Cores this Rixixi can equip. Without a Moddable Illusionate-Glass Core, a Rixixi can have only one Illusionate-Glass Core. With the Moddable Core, this Rixixi can equip as many as they want.
  • (Optional) Allows the Rixixi to have an alternate form of their own subspecies. Alternate Forms can appear in activities and general art for EXP and rewards. Must be on the correct subspecies' import and follow the same geno as the original Ixi, but can have visual differences as long as it follows the design rules.
  • More Illusionate-Glass Cores can be stacked to add more alternate forms of the relevant subspecies.
Illusionate-Glass Core Alternate Forms can be edited without being removed via Import Edits like the main Rixixi design. Due to this, Illusionate-Glass Core forms will be listed on the Rixixi's Import text rather than in an Achievement comment for ease of editing.
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