Terms of Service

Created: 22 May 2020, 03:31:11 UTC
Last updated: 8 February 2024, 23:12:51 UTC


Currently being ported from dA, pardon any antiquated language



These can apply to the group itself and interaction within it as well as situations such as the official discord, as the etiquette rules overlap with the discord rules; however, the discord does have its own set of rules that can be referenced.

  • Most importantly, be respectful of others. Don't go around insulting other members. Don't say hateful things of marginalized groups. Don't go around picking fights. If someone is uncomfortable, don't press them harder on what's upsetting them, let it go.
  • Much of this can apply "in-character" as well. For example, while some lenience is afforded in-character (heavier subjects can be broached in stories if they're handled respectfully), imports should not come across as degrading to real people, and as such, offensive terms should not be used.
  • Please be cautious when handling heavy subjects. Apply proper warnings when using them in fiction, so that people who may not want to see the subject can avoid them if they need to. Be mindful if you bring them up in a chat, as they are often sensitive subjects to people who have experienced them, and if someone wants you to drop the subject, please do immediately. Be especially mindful if using humor - even if you have experienced the topic yourself, gallows humor is not for all survivors.
  • Please avoid discussing real crime or real cannibalism publicly in Chasmhome chats, journals, and other public spaces. These generally go a bit overboard faster than other heavy subjects. They're interesting for sure, but please discuss it with like-minded friends instead. Thank you!
  • Heavy subjects include but are not limited to abuse, suicide, illness, crime, and similar subjects.
  • Do not Mini-Mod/Armchair Mod. We have multiple capable admins already doing their jobs, please do not step in for them. Do not talk over the admins - they have the right to make a final call. Do understand that the admins are human and can make mistakes - you do have the right to ask for clarification and note when something seems off or confusing.
  • While we will never ask you to put on a fake smile for the sake of the group, please do try to avoid extremely negative commentary. Constructive criticism is welcome, as we'd like to actually remain functional for a while, but please do try to direct it at the admins and not frame it in the form of insults. We really can't help you otherwise.




Overall Art Requirements and FAQs can be found here! Some additional rules are listed below.

  • If using a photograph (eg, for a background), please source the image. If you took it yourself, simply state that. Make sure any photographs are ones you have the rights to use.
  • If using a photograph for Rixixi's Lunar marking, please source the image in design credits. Link the image when uploading the design. Only astrophotography may be used for Lunar. Make sure any photographs are ones you have the rights to use and edit, due to the marking requiring the space texture to be overlaid onto a marking.
  • All Chasmhome art (including literature and other media) can be posted off of dA. When submitting offsite activities for a roll, post the link to the offsite post where you would usually put the deviation.
  • NSFW content can be submitted for most Chasmhome content, as long as it does not have to be crossposted to deviantArt. Please do not post NSFW content to deviantArt or sta.sh itself - Any sites that allow adult content may be linked to when submitting in Chasmhome prompts, but please note that they contain adult content when submitting!
    • If a NSFW piece you're submitting does not have a Chasmhome prompt yet, use Claims or send a note to Magmatixi with the offsite link and usual form - do not directly link the offsite link on the journal. Thank you!
    • Rixixi Masterlist Art should not require a mature content filter, and B-NOMALY Masterlist Art can have gore at most.
    • Rixixi imports are still hosted on dA, and should not contain blatant adult content in their bios. This may change when they are ported to Chasmhome.
    • Collaborative pieces posted to dA (Pride Month, etc) cannot have NSFW submissions.
  • Import Templates should not be reposted to your gallery as a full PSD, as an adoptable, or for design approvals (for Design Approvals, use your sta.sh, please! If you can't for any reason, you can use scraps.).
  • Import Templates, filled out with your Rixixi, may be reposted to your gallery for things like height charts and memes as long as credit for the import (linked back to Rixixi) is present in the description. They cannot count for EXP if used in this manner, however! See Rixixi: Standard Import or any other Import Template for any other details.
  • Companion bases and other bases have their own rules in this regard - make sure to check them! For instance, most companion bases, such as Kaurphyt Raven Template, cannot be reposted to your gallery (unless in scraps), however, the Fridge Werewolf Optional Base has similar rules to an import template.




Specific rolls can only be done a certain amount of times a day, week, month, and so on. While this is more a list for convenience, there are some additional rules for some of these, so if you need to double-check any of those, here those are for your convenience as well!




  • All deviations posted to the Advertisements gallery of Rixixi should have relevance to Rixixi in some way. All deviations posted to the Advertisements gallery of B-NOMALY should have relevance to B-NOMALY in some way. (Advertisements open to all ARPGs/CS do count.)
    To be clear: this does not apply to the main Advertisements chat in the discord, which is open to all advertisements.
  • Please don't bump your own advertisement excessively. Once a day at most on dA, and once every 12+ hours on Discord.
  • Do not message someone asking to sell a Chasmhome character that they do not have up for sale. Be polite when negotiating sales in general and understand that some people who have no sales listed just don't intend to sell anything.
  • Selling your Chasmhome character means you no longer own that character. You can require a redesign, personality wipe, rename, and similar from the new owner, as these are all aspects of your own personal character, but you cannot control aspects of the Rixixi post-sale.
  • Slots can only be sold to Rixixi who have completed Story Mode Chapter 1. Slots can be sold in exchange for the art/lit needed to complete Story Mode Chapter 1.
    B-NOMALIES can breed without completion of a prompt, and this rule does not apply to them.




Leasing is not officially handled by Chasmhome, but we can support it in some scenarios. All leasing must be done on the player's end - that is, we don't have official lease journals or comments on our end.

Rixixi Leasing - Loot-Dropping Activities
You may use another player's Ixi in a loot-dropping activity such as Exploring, Mining, Hunting, or Combat with their permission. Post that Ixi under your name, and have the owner of the Ixi confirm that it's okay to use them for leasing in the comments!
We recommend putting the Ixi's code in the Character box so that it's easier to track what activities they've been used in!

If you only want some of the items to go to you - e.g. if you only want Spices if they drop - the other player should post the Ixi like they normally would, and mention which item(s) would go to you. We'll transfer them for you!

Rixixi Leasing - Other Activities
Leasing is currently not supported in other activities, such as Art Barters and Seasonal Festivals - these are not stat-based, and players are allowed to use starters for them if desired!

Leasing is not allowed in Chasmjumping due to certain rewards being specific to the Rixixi.