Bunshifter: Fridge Parasite

Allows one of your B-NOMALIES to become a Fridge Werewolf! If you supply a reference for this alternate form, we can link it in your B-NOMALY's notes.

Can OPTIONALLY add Misplaced Maws to the B-NOMALY form!

Bunshifter: Fogholder

Allows the addition of the Fogholder trait to an existing B-NOMALY!

This has the same effect as 2 Anarchic Fogshard tokens and is intended for people who might have a lot of silver tokens but few fogshard tokens.

Bunshifter: Horseman Host

Allows the addition of a Chasm Horseman form to a B-NOMALY! See Making a Chasm Horseman for information! Also allows for some minor changes to the B-NOMALY: one trait addition (Any, B-class or Anarchie both allowed) and a minor design update if desired!


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