<a href=" Token - Anarchic Fogshard" class="display-item">Nskanetian Token - Anarchic Fogshard</a>

Nskanetian Token - Anarchic Fogshard

Art by Anarchisme

Highly experimental. Proven mutagenic on contact. Do not touch. Keep out of reach of fogholders, and also away from most organic beings, both for different reasons.

Use one to apply a single Anarchic trait to one B-NOMALY.
Use two to apply Fogholder to one B-NOMALY.

B-Class Shuffle

Change 1 B-class trait on an existing B-NOMALY! Cannot change any traits to or from ANARCHIE rarity!

B-Class Mutagen

Add 1 B-Class trait of any rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and very rare)!

Anarchic rarity is unavailable with this item!

Anarchic Shuffle

Change 1 Anarchic trait on an existing B-NOMALY. Anarchic traits cannot be added with this, only swapped out - you must stick with your B-NOMALY's current number of Anarchic traits!

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