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Genetic Mishap

Category: RXX: Usable

Art by Anarchisme
There's a flash, and you think you're seeing double... It's not that bad, though...

April Fool's Events (Introduced April 2018)

Don't worry - despite this being an "April Fool's" item, this is a legitimate item and will not disappear post-event, and its effects are legitimate and won't change! It's classed as an April Fool's item due to its effects being unusual and its release date, it's not a fake!


Can be used during breeding to breed a Rixixi to itself.

  • 2 slots will be used. If the Rixixi is not owned by the user posted by the breeding, 2 slots will have to be supplied, UNLESS the Rixixi is a starter, in which case only a single slot is needed.
  • Breedings done with this item will NOT count as inbreeding and will not result in radiation poisoning unless the parent was already inbred (and if the parent was, only one instance of the doubled parent in the lineage can be counted for radiation poisoning calculation, the penalty will not be doubled.)

Offspring produced through this item will obtain this skill:

Mishaps Happen: Obtained through Genetic Mishap item use in lineage: [[Name of relative bred to self will be listed here.]]. Doubled ancestor does NOT count as inbreeding and does not result in radiation poisoning. If any breedings with this Rixixi result in inbreeding, or inbreeding was already present in the lineage, only one instance of the doubled parent will be counted for radiation poisoning calculation: the penalty will not be doubled. This skill will be passed down to all offspring UNLESS the doubled relative is bred off the lineage.