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Floral Tea

Category: RXX: Usable

Art by Anarchisme
A refreshing tea, made from primarily flowers and some light spices. Drinking it makes you feel more focused and aware of your surroundings, though also relaxed.

Spring Festival (Introduced March 2018)
Can be obtained via certain events during the Spring Festival.
If using 1 Glass Bottle during any activity during the spring festival, you will return 1 Floral Tea. (If using 1 Glass Bottle would have originally returned a different item in that activity, that item will still return, and Floral Tea will return along with it!)


  • Consume to reroll all items returned in a loot-dropping activity roll. You can choose to keep the reroll OR the original roll! (To use, reply to the desired roll that you wish to reroll stating that you're using a Floral Tea on it)