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Charged Liquid Diamond Shard

Art by Anarchisme
One of the most common forms of refining Liquid Diamond on Sxriix, Liquid Diamond can be refined into an alternate to Fogshard with minimal radiation needed. In its purest grade, Charged Liquid Diamond, or "CLD", can take no radiation to form and charge and, as such, gives off no radiation. These are considered both safer for beings with radiation sensitivities and, if the materials are provided to the crafter, sometimes cheaper to produce. Due to the inner liquid being infused into the gem itself during the charging process, CLD is considered one of the safest and most benign uses of Liquid Diamond. Individuals allergic to Liquid Diamond report minor allergic reactions at most when interacting with CLD, typically a tingling in the skin that touches it and a slight reddening of the area, but even in low-grade CLD, fatal or highly dangerous allergic reactions have never been reported.

CONTRABAND - Charged Liquid Diamond Shard is technically contraband by association, but as it is a crafted item and not an item that has to be found, if a user with no Streetwise Rixixi owns the necessary items, they may still craft it!

Created via crafting with Corona.
1x Unrefined Liquid Diamond, 1x Scarification Kit, 2x Science Kit

  • Can be used on an undesigned geno to add ANY common or uncommon marking or mutation! Genes added with Liquid Diamond Shards will always be heterozygous (non-dominant)!