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Unrefined Liquid Diamond

Art by Anarchisme
An ore found in asteroids surrounding Nskanetis. Pure pieces are found in large chunks with a thin, shimmering liquid inside. Considered dangerous due to the fact that it frequently causes fatal allergic reactions. Scientists are attempting to determine if this is due to the aforementioned fluid often contained within it. It has its worth in many forms of crafting, and can replace Fogshards in many recipes while at the same time needing far less radiation. For the less scientifically inspired, more mercenary-minded, it can also be used in the creation of blades and other weaponry made with its own built-in poison. On Nskanetis, the material is frowned upon, often fought or killed over if found in high enough quantities, and by the time it made its way to Sxriix, it was highly regulated.

CONTRABAND - Only obtainable by Rixixi with the Streetwise skill.

Exploring: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare in Nskanetis.
Mining: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare.

Rolls low.


  • CONTRABAND: Can be turned in to The Authorities for your choice of several rare items, or brought to Corona for assistance crafting it into rare items.