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Lucky Charm

Category: RXX: Usable

Art by Anarchisme

Created via crafting.
Hunting: Rare (Avian, Misc. Land Animal, Plant-Creature, Sea Creature)

Rolls low.


  • Can be equipped to one Rixixi - be aware that removing the item causes it to lose its ability and become useless.
  • When equipped, the owner can choose one type of activity/roll to align it to, improving rolls in that activity:

EXPLORATIONS: Special Ability: Gift Shop. The Ixi holding this charm will always roll more than one item in explorations [unless affected by radiation sickness]!
HUNTING: Special Ability: Trophy. The Ixi holding this charm will always roll at least one Uncommon or Rare item when hunting. If they roll a single item, that item cannot be common.
COMBAT: Special Ability: Feint. The Ixi holding this charm may reroll a single attack per battle, and choose the attack with the better roll.
MINING: Special Ability: Dowsing Rod. The Ixi holding this charm, while mining, will also roll one extra item - rolled from items such as Water, Dairy, Seasonal Drinks, and other beverages! Full list here!