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Supercharged Fogshard Piece - Alchemy

Art by Anarchisme

Mining: Rare
Barters, most notably a barter by Fang that appears repeatedly!

Rolls low.

Can be used on an undesigned geno OR uploaded Rixixi to TRADE one Marking or Mutation for a Marking or Mutation on a different undesigned geno OR uploaded Rixixi! This trades one gene for another completely - both Ixi will lose their previous gene and gain the new gene. Markings will retain dominant/non-dominant status across transfer. All uploaded Rixixi must have image updates ready at time of application.

Supercharged Alchemy shards can be used to 'trade' subspecies. Keep in mind that the 'donor' will be changing their own subspecies as well as the recipient.

Transferring the Chimera mutation will transfer one entire Chimera side rather than rerolling it - please choose which side to transfer if transferring Chimera.