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The Crow is a well-known gigafauna from the Couloir. Considered an ill omen, the creature's vine-like tendrils make a crisp, thin sound in the air as it glides, blotting out the light. DO NOT LISTEN TO ITS CRY.



  • Companion! Can be equipped to a Rixixi and grant that Rixixi its ability. Companions can be equipped, unequipped, and moved between Rixixi at will with no ill effect.
  • LEGENDARY Companion: A Rixixi may only have one Legendary Companion at a time.

Companion Ability:

Crow: 15% chance of dodging any attack in combat through sheer intimidation. Passive, does not count as equipment.

Legendary Companion Second Ability:

Crow: Scarecrow: In any loot-dropping activity, the crow returns a full Hunting roll vs. Plant Creature prey at base stats.