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Fond Memories: The Chasm

Category: RXX: Usable

Art by Anarchisme
it belongs to the chasm now.

Exploring: Rare in Earth, Nskanetis, Sxriix, The Chasm, The Leyline, and The Couloir
Combat: Rare
Future Memories: The Chasm

Rolls low.


  • Use during Breeding for a 30% chance of ANY mutations passing to the children that were not present in the parents. Up to 2 mutations can pass in this way.
  • This item ALSO increases the pass rate of ALL mutations already present in the breeding by 30%.
  • This item GUARANTEES 2 STAGE 2 RADIATION SICKNESS EFFECTS to be passed down to each cub in this breeding. If a total of 0 mutations pass to a cub, from its parents or from random chance, this effect will not activate on that cub.