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Art by Anarchisme
Taranan are a mammalian species of dragons from Nskanetis. Culturally and due to a dangerous mutation of theirs, they typically live life mute, often binding their muzzles or opting to have surgery done. They can communicate telepathically with each other as well as other species, and are generally good people - generally.
Please ask before riding the Taranan. They are rideable, but sapient.

Hunting: Rare (Legendary)

Legendary Companions roll low - roll cannot be boosted by stats or items.


  • Companion! Can be equipped to a Rixixi and grant that Rixixi its ability. Companions can be equipped, unequipped, and moved between Rixixi at will with no ill effect.
  • LEGENDARY Companion: A Rixixi may only have one Legendary Companion at a time.

Companion Ability:

Taranan: Rolls 2 6-sided die. Doubles roll on doubles and sevens.

Legendary Companion Second Ability:
Taranan: Famous Last Words
: When Legendary Hunting, rerolls a failed legendary hunt once.