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Art by Anarchisme
Native to Nskanetis, Kyaine are massive saurian creatures with an inherent anti-magic field around them and an abundance of teeth. They're incredibly aggressive, but some reports show that they are also incredibly intelligent - if you've gotten on one's good side, you've obtained a powerful ally.

Hunting: Rare (Legendary)

Legendary Companions roll low - roll cannot be boosted by stats or items.


  • Companion! Can be equipped to a Rixixi and grant that Rixixi its ability. Companions can be equipped, unequipped, and moved between Rixixi at will with no ill effect.
  • LEGENDARY Companion: A Rixixi may only have one Legendary Companion at a time.

Companion Ability:

Kyaine: Nullifies one chosen radiation sickness if present. This stacks with Mymber.

However, any O'urtnx NPCs cannot assist this Rixixi.
Legendary Companion Second Ability:
Kyaine: Null Field
: Radiation skills other than Null Radiation cannot be used by opponents or companion Rixixi.