Companion Voucher

Category: RXX: Usable



  • Can be traded in at some point in the future after obtaining. Grants a companion that hadn't been released yet when the voucher was released.

Tracked via nicknames for their methods of obtaining rather than specific dates:

Can be redeemed for Tunneldrake, Kaurphyt Raven, Mymber, Geode Mimic, Kellas Cat, Holo Helper, Holo Hacker, Winterbringer Deer, Spring's Messengerbird, and all future companions.

April Illusions:
Can be redeemed for Snared Mymber, Summertime Fogbee, and all future companions.

Special: Euphoria August 2019:
Can be redeemed for Rooter, Mini Rooter, Grand Old Rooter, Skydrake, Fallen Leaftail Gecko, MymbMumbles Lookalike (Jinn and Jim), Caverndrake, and all future companions.

Robot Uprising:
Can be redeemed for Leyline Mymber, and all future companions.