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Bonded Icicle

Category: RXX: Usable

Art by Anarchisme
Please don't stab each other with ice, it's unsanitary. Irradiated ice is fine, obviously.

Winter Festival (Introduced December 2019)

Equipment Mod (Weapon-Specific):
This item can be combined with another one to add combination skills!
Only two Equipment Mods can be added to a single equipped item at one time, and they can be freely changed out. Weapon-Specific Equipment Mods can only be added to equipped items that apply a skill that causes damage or a status effect in combat. Battle Sword also can be modded despite only granting advantage and not dealing damage.
  • Bonded Icicle Active: Avalanche - Whenever the item Bonded Icicle is modding uses an active skill (example: Elemental Forgestaff - Blast Furnace, Snared Mymber - Ensnare), a critical hit is guaranted if this Rixixi took damage last turn.
  • Bonded Icicle Passive: Hypothermia - Whenever the item Bonded Icicle is modding uses a passive skill (example: Battle Sword - Honed Edge, War's Armor - Heavy Armor), add 1d20 to any damage this Rixixi does this turn, and reduce opponent's priority by 100.