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Art by Anarchisme
Caverndrakes have the deep, alarm-like voice and concentrated light-spitting ability of their cousins in the sky, along with the ability to fly short to moderate distances, though these Tunneldrake relatives are adapted more to life in large cave systems.
Two-headed Caverndrakes are not terribly uncommon, and have the ability to decrease the intensity of their light blasts by breathing them from both mouths at once.

Karma Events (Introduced in Here There Be Dragons)


  • Companion! Can be equipped to a Rixixi and grant that Rixixi its ability. Companions can be equipped, unequipped, and moved between Rixixi at will with no ill effect.
  • LEGENDARY Companion: A Rixixi may only have one Legendary Companion at a time.

Companion Ability:

Caverndrake: Adds a bonus +100 Defense in Hunting and Mining.

If the Rixixi has a Tunneldrake equipped, the Tunneldrake's return is doubled.

Legendary Companion Second Ability:
Caverndrake: Death From Below
: When Legendary Hunting, adds 15% Success chance to entire party. Adds Pet Treat effect to roll (35% chance of luring a random companion). The Rixixi with this companion cannot use Pet Treats during Legendary Hunting as a result.