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Sxriix'n Silvervine

Art by Anarchisme

A mutation of the Earth plant, able to be grown in mountainous regions and the Underground Forest.
Silvervine is one of the most legal forms of contraband, considered regulated rather than outlawed. It has anywhere from a calming to euphoric effect on Rixixi, depending on how the individual Ixi uses it, what part of the plant is used, and their own tolerance to the plant. It's used in some medicines and scattered recipes in random towns across Sxriix.
It can be habit-forming to a concerning degree that hasn't been fully researched, however, especially due to the euphoric effects, so Silvervine's availability ranges from completely legal in some areas, to other areas restricting it to medical use only, to others still having it available for the most part and keeping proper information available as well. Without proper paperwork, however, it's incredibly difficult to legally travel long distances with at all due to the differences in legality in different locations.

CONTRABAND - Only obtainable by Rixixi with the Streetwise skill.

Exploring: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare in Sxriix
Hunting: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare (Plant-Creature)
Rolls low.

  • CONTRABAND: Can be turned in to The Authorities for your choice of several rare items, or brought to Corona for assistance crafting it into rare items.