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Fridge Parasite

Art by Anarchisme


The good news is that this parasite is generally perfectly content to live in your gut and sustain itself on what you eat, but not enough to leave you malnourished - it generally wants to keep its host heathy so it has somewhere safe to stay in the long run. Hosts often complain of an increased appetite as a result, especially during the transformation.

Yeah, there's also that, these little guys cause their host to turn into a ravening beast with many mouths. Typically referred to as "fridge werewolves" due to the transformation and the generally fluffy result thereof, hosts often report this as "inconvenient but exciting", and the AexLabs in Vyldes - a site authorized for legitimate research on these critters - unfortunately have their supply of Fridge Parasites stolen by people looking for an adrenaline rush or to prank someone else. Unfortunately, this only increased its contraband status, and most Fridge Parasites have an inborn tracking mechanism - most lab technicians
will know if you have a parasite.

The reason these little guys are so hungry is that they reproduce asexually, budding off when they've consumed enough. The transformed form exists mainly to consume more things faster, but is also used by hosts to generally run around like a wild animal and have a good time.

The main downside, aside from being easily detectable as a user of contraband, is that you have to swallow the parasite to become a Fridge Werewolf. Whole. Good luck not thinking about its little eyes. Bottoms up.

CONTRABAND - Fridge Parasite is technically contraband by association, but as it is a crafted item and not an item that has to be found, if a user with no Streetwise Rixixi owns the necessary items, they may still craft it!

Created via crafting with Corona.
1x Inert Parasite, 5x ANY Edible Item*, 2x Teeth and Claws
An edible item is defined as any item that a Rixixi can eat to utilize, whether they add a temporary or permanent boon, not including festival currency.


  • Can be used on an uploaded Rixixi to add a Fridge Werewolf alternate form and the Fridge Werewolf skill.
    Reference for alternate form must be provided when item is applied. An optional base can be used.
  • OPTIONALLY, can additionally add the non-passable mutation Misplaced Maws (+MawPl) to the Rixixi.

Skill: Fridge Werewolf: Can appear in Fridge Werewolf alternate form for EXP and rewards. Consuming 5 food items in one comment has a 25% chance of spawning an Inert Parasite item. (Can stack if more than 5 items are used in one commment, can only spawn up to 3 Inert Parasites/week per Fridge Werewolf)