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Philosopher's Stone

Art by Anarchisme


Having been properly tested and refined, the Philosopher's Stone is finally ready for use on live subjects. Caution is still wise to use - mainly to prevent mercury poisoning due to the stone's makeup - but also as pushing its alchemic properties too hard have been reported to cause unexpected random mutations in the subject.

CONTRABAND - Philosopher's Stone is technically contraband by association, but as it is a crafted item and not an item that has to be found, if a user with no Streetwise Rixixi owns the necessary items, they may still craft it!

Created via crafting with Corona.
1x Philosophic Mercury, 5x ANY Gemstones, 1x Science Kit


  • Can be used on an undesigned geno OR uploaded Rixixi to REMOVE one Marking or Mutation and then ADD that Marking or Mutation to a different undesigned geno OR uploaded Rixixi! Markings will retain dominant/non-dominant status across transfer. All uploaded Rixixi must have image updates ready at time of application.
    Transferring the Chimera mutation will transfer one entire Chimera side rather than rerolling it - please choose which side to transfer if transferring Chimera.
  • However, this has a 30% chance of adding one "Live Transmutation" gene to the Rixixi receiving the transferred gene. These include:

    Archangel - Centaur - Cerberus - Chimera - 4 Eyes - Many Eyes - Misplaced Eyes - Multi Tail - Rows - Sleipnir - Split Ears - Triple Maw


  • Can be used on an undesigned geno OR uploaded Rixixi with Radiation Sickness to swap ONE Radiation Sickness effect to ANOTHER effect in the same Stage! The player may choose the new effect.
  • If swapping to the Contagion type, a secondary Radiation Sickness effect will still be added, and will be randomized - the secondary Radiation Sickness effect cannot be chosen by the user.
    As swapping Contagion on and off can eventually grant a Rixixi every Radiation Sickness, a note: if a Rixixi has every other available Radiation Sickness, Contagion will no longer add another Radiation Sickness if added.
  • Chasmhome cannot be selected due to it being restricted to Fond Memories: The Chasm and Euphoria only.
  • Fever Coat cannot be selected due to it being restricted to breeding results from parents with Fever Dreamer Radiation Sickness.
  • Fever Dreamer(+/++) can only be swapped to if the original Radiation Sickness was the result of Contagion (please provide proof!)