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Philosophic Mercury

Art by Anarchisme

Effectively an untested and unfinished philosopher's stone, this element's potential hasn't been truly realized yet. With proper testing and refinement, though, samples like it have been proven to achieve legendary power.

Considered a health hazard due to being made up largely in part of mercury sulfide. While Philosopher's Stone research is considered worthwhile, it is not currently known if it is refined enough to be considered safe, if it contains legendary properties that would cancel out mercury poisoning, or other such situations. Therefore, it and Philosophic Mercury retain their contraband status, but can be tested and utilized if the scientist involved can provide high enough credentials.

CONTRABAND - Only obtainable by Rixixi with the Streetwise skill.

Exploring: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare in Earth.
Hunting: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare (Avian)
Mining: CONTRABAND, Streetwise Rixixi only - Rare.
Rolls low.

  • CONTRABAND: Can be turned in to The Authorities for your choice of several rare items, or brought to Corona for assistance crafting it into rare items.