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Southern Vyldes Shovelnose Prawn

Art by Anarchisme

Southern Vyldes Shovelnose Prawn, known colloquially as the "Pugfaced Fat-Arsed Prawn" by locals or the "Vyldes Shovelnose" by most anyone else. Often used in seafood dishes for its meaty back end. 

A bottom feeder in the wild, its long plumes act as distractions for predators and "flake" apart easily, coming apart as if petals plucked from a flower. A long-lived Vyldes Shovelnose often has a very short, chewed on plume, having escaped many attempts to be eaten.

Exploring: Common in Nskanetis, Uncommon in The Chasm and The Leyline
Hunting: Uncommon (Sea Creature)
Rolls low.

  • Eat for a +10 Special Boon in the Ixi's next roll.
  • Use in recipes in the Kitchen.