July 17 2023 - ???

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Rixixi News


Something strange is happening in the Chasm.

Perhaps you should ask the Eye about it if you find them, but it's been a while since someone's heard from them. We highly recommend Chasmjumping at this time.

Due to the disturbance - whatever the disturbance is - all rolls that happen due to Chasmjumping, Chasm Explorations, and Chasm Hunting will be boosted to the 4-item maximum for the duration of this event. This does count as Eagle Eye even though it's guaranteed!

The news will update with what's happening 1 week after someone finds the disturbance. Good luck!

There is a hub for this event that will be updated as things are discovered.

Other Happenings:

  • Plant Fiber has been added to Nskanetis and Earth exploring as well as Plant-Creature hunting! It can be used to craft Fabric, and other recipes will be examined to see if Plant Fiber should be included in an alt. recipe (probably in place of twine) soon! More Plant Fiber recipes will come out in the future!
  • Fabric has been added to Nskanetis and Earth exploring! It can be used 1:1 in place of leather in any recipe, and has an alternate recipe for apparel that costs less than the leather version! More Fabric recipes will come out in the future!
  • due to popular demand Due to the Disturbance, the Horseman Heart is now available! It can be crafted in the Black Market, but take note that it takes quite a bit of ingredients! The Horseman Heart allows a Rixixi to transform into a Chasm Horseman alt. form, and also take on the skill Horseman Host!
    Horseman Host: Any negative effects from Radiation Sickness are inverted. If they cannot be inverted, they simply will not trigger. Does not effect Chasmhome or any Coat radiation sicknesses.

Good luck!

- Anarchisme



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