June 1 2023 - Pride Month

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Multispecies news

Heyo! Pride Month has started, and so the Pride Month Event is open for all Chasmhome species, including sapient open species as long as you have a reference! The rewards for the event are primarily Rixixi-related, but if you enter the group image with a B-NOMALY, you'll be granted tokens when the full image goes up. c:

Everything is pretty much the same as last year, except we've got a little bit of lore about early Rixixi and humans working together in protests - feel free to check that out on the Pride landing page! Nothing has changed about entry requirements or anything, though.

If you need some added time to get your entry done, please feel free to ask and I'll drop a week or two on the due date. Otherwise, it's June 1, 2023 - June 30 2023 (eastern time)! Have fun!

ALSO! This is just a reminder that the Semi and MYO sale is up if you're interested in getting anything! We're funding the web hosting for chasmho.me itself, mostly! If you can spare anything, we'd appreciate it, thanks!


I'll be seeing you soon! I'm working on an event that's due to come out early summer, so here's hoping that'll be fun, ehehe.

- Anarchisme



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