May 1 2023

Posted 1 year ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by Anarchie

Just a quick wrapup to the April event at Rixixi!

Rixixi News

The eggs have been removed from the site! I hope you had fun finding them! If you're still seeing eggs on anything other than the event page, please let me know, that shouldn't be happening?

The Fool raffle has been rolled, and Fey is the winner! Congratulations, enjoy your new guard!

I hope you all enjoy making guards! If you found all 8 eggs, you have enough items to make a Guard and a chip through Crafting! If you didn't find all the eggs, there are more ways to get guards (this was mentioned in the previous news!). If you don't like guards, hopefully there'll be something for you coming up in the future!

Have a good one!

- Anarchisme



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