September 27 2022

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Two quick things for today!


A Euphoria wish was granted that both altered the current Chrono shards and granted a Charged and Supercharged chrono to everyone! Here, I'll quote the relevant parts of the wish, but if you want to read the whole thing, it's right here!

3) Wish for anything at all: Everyone shall feel the Phoenix' influence and admire His greatness.


A new Chrono Shard listing has been added for Phoenix's Glory from September 27, 2022 - November 30, 2022. It can grant Groundbreaking (nGbk), Albinism (+Al), Bird Limbs (X-Bird), Dragon Body Type (+X-DrBdy), Phoenix Trails (+X-PhoeT), Sleipnir (+X-Slei), Wing Arms (+X-WingA), Sulfur (nSfr), OR Feathered Wings (+FtWing).

ALL MEMBERS ON-SITE have been granted one Charged and one Supercharged chrono shard for today (September 27, 2022)

If you're wondering where your new chrono shards came from and why, this is why! You can use or not use them, it's fine! Enjoy!

Multispecies news

As an additional piece of news - we have a semi sale coming up on October 5! This will have updates based on the survey that went out earlier this year! I might set up the sale post early to make sure everything is in there and all good, but it's October 5th specifically, and it'll last two months! The sale will go towards funding the site, as usual! c:

This is multispecies news and not just Rixixi news due to updates from the survey - y'all wanted B-NOMALY stuff!

See you soon with more, including Halloween B-NOMALIES!

- Anarchisme



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