June 21 2022 - Summer Festival

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Summer Festival time!


Summer is the most obvious season in the Leyline - it is the season of the Lost. While other seasons are primarily celebrated and counted by their otherworldly counterparts, Summer is known well for being overwhelmingly full of Lost souls, moreso than any other season.
It's no surprise why, when you think about it. The Leyline is located in the depths of Nskanetis's oceans, and while the tropical world has seaworthy weather year-round, the summer especially draws people to the sea. Activities like diving are popular in the summer, but can bring one dangerously close to the Leyline, where liminal spaces appear more often, ready to bring a poor soul into the land of the dead.
There is a scattering called the Lanternlighters, Funeraries equipped with ley-wisps. They go out in search of stragglers and lost souls and those wandering too close to the Leyline, drawing them back to the shore with lanterns full of blue light. Few make contact with mortals, but those that do are seen as benevolent spirits.

Summer Changelog

  • This Spring's new starter is The Lanternlighter, a lykoi Funerary! They have two new genes for us!
  • New gene: Sulfur - a fiery rare gene that can make its own marking or lock to another marking! (Suggested by iiixkitsunexiii )
  • New gene: Waterlight - Ripples of light on the back of an Ixi! (Suggested by iiixkitsunexiii )
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • The seasonal Raid has rolled over, and another strange creature from the Couloir has appeared - the Graverobber. This massive-headed floral beast is making a mess of things, can you stop it?
  • Dwarf Primal summer items are now available!
  • There's also a gallery now! I don't really know much about this feature, it came with the update and I kinda enabled it. Feel free to post Chasm stuff there? Not mandatory!

I'll be rolling over the shop and everything else using seasonals very soon!

- Anarchisme



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