June 19 2022

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Site News, but mostly Rixixi news

We've had a pretty major update! We're on an updated version of Lorekeeper, for one thing, but more importantly, information like genotypes and items were added to a Data section of character pages, so now, Rixixi can actually be uploaded and have their pages make sense! If anything seems broken, please notify pawstepsinthesnow (Sian on the Chasmhome discord), but if it's just the images not loading on the front page, try a hard refresh, we had a brief Issue with those earlier.

Here's a summary of updates and generally what to expect:

  • You will need to enter a birthday to access a lot of site pages due to this update. It should probably be your own birthday.
  • Rixixi will be uploaded to the site - this will take a while and I don't have an ETA on when all the Rixixi will be uploaded, but bear with us while we upload them!
    Your Accomplishments will be mirrored, your Breeding comments will not be (breeding comments from both dA and lorekeeper will be accepted). There will be a note on all pre-Lorekeeper Rixixi that says when they were uploaded to dA, this is for the sake of Happy Birthstones For You. If a Rixixi has Aexented, the Aexented forms should be also uploaded in images, unless the Aexented forms' images were deleted (I've already come across at least one old Rixixi that had this happen).
  • Design Approvals is closed while Rixixi are uploaded to the site. When it reopens, there will be a new Import Details form used for all subspecies of Rixixi, so if you have any sta.shed WIP rixixi, please swap their comments over to that one!
  • If you had a companion in a character/mymber house's inventory under the old system, it should have been removed and stashed in the Data section. If you still have a companion in the inventory page, please send in a bug report via discord or via claims.
  • If you see an issue with your newly uploaded Rixixi that isn't fixed within like ten minutes, please send in a bug report via discord or via claims. I'm gonna be doing a lot of these and it gets the brain a little melty at times, there will likely be some minor issues. I typed "Decemberoon" for a Birthstones note earlier.
  • You can now edit your Rixixi's names and bios on-site! This allows for some more adult content than on dA, but we still don't allow any content that's bigoted or harmful towards others. If we find any of that going on, we might have to ask you to remove it, or depending on severity, remove it ourselves.
  • You can also transfer your Rixixi on-site! The transfer thread will still be open on dA in case people want to do things like leave and give their Ixi away. It would suck to make an account if you're leaving???


I don't want to give too much away ahead of time, but some useful information:

  • It's a crossover outside of Chasmhome, involves Rixixi on our end
  • It's heavily breeding-focused, and will not deplete your breeding slots

So if you want to get any of your favorite Rixixi breedable in preparation, now would be a good time!

Enjoy your new Ixi uploads and the upcoming event! See you soon with summer!

- Anarchisme



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