September 27 2020

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Another Rixixi-specific update because the Medic release is out! Let's get into that.

Rixixi Updates

Temporary Conditions

Starting now, Temporary Conditions will roll with loot-dropping activities. Check that link to read up on them if you haven't already - or to see if there are any changes if you already have! Some changes from the first announcement include:

  • All current Temporary Conditions have had their frequency decreased to rare - there is an upcoming one linked to an unreleased activity that will be uncommon.
  • An opt-out item has been implemented, and can be crafted! It can also be found in First Aid Kits. It does disable the Medic specialty for the Rixixi wearing it, but only while equipped.
  • Leveling Up now grants resistance, and eventually immunity, to all conditions! This starts at the Active level!
  • Mymber's Heart Valve's resistance applies to all Ixi in a piece. Medix and Triage Mechanix apply their Mechanix resistances to all Ixi in a piece, and their companions.

There's very likely more but everything has been slowly releasing over the last month and I'm a little scatterbrained right now!

Some Important Features!

  • There's a Free Gift to claim! It's a First Aid Kit, which contains every Temporary Condition cure and an Anareizh's Enchanted Scarf. It won't expire, but please only claim it once per user!
  • Anareizh's Shrine is now active! The Nskanetian Guardian of Medicine and Poison offers healing here, and this does not count against the 1/Monthly Guardian counter - you can get healed by Anareizh and still interact with other Guardians. They also have a shop, but I had a moment and was only able to stock it with a First Aid Kit. More coming soon!!
  • You can now be a Medic at the Contraband Enforcement Station! More ways to legally obtain contraband, more ways to get cures, and what's more, you're essentially getting points and more cures just by healing. More stuff here soon too!!


Medic Part 1.5 Incoming

There were a few things that I couldn't get out in time for this update - this month has just kind of been chaotic. One of them is half-prepped, and the plan is to release them all when the companion is finished. Here's a list of what's coming soon that was originally planned for this release.

  • Skill for the Medic specialty - resists all Temp conditions (possibly 30% resistance?), and when the Ixi with the skill is depicted in a piece with others, everyone in that piece gets the resistance.
  • Skill for Anareizh's shrine - just a little something for combat, resists Damage over Time for a few turns.
  • Companion for Anareizh's shrine - Anareizh's Patron, a snake companion. Replaces the need for an item heal 1/week.


  • Barters have cycled and Fang is back as usual!
  • As this is the first Barter cycle of Fall, Myrk's Seasonal Sale will be cycling away for the season after October 10th!
  • Luminol is here with Morgue Dance Party, trading you some cures!

Have fun!




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