May 9 2022

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We have a few instances of Rixixi News!

Rixixi News

Funerary fullbody Fur Mutations are now available! They can be found in their respective guides, but here's a quick link to each if you want them!

Long Fur

Apologies for the delay on Spring Funerary Apparel - amnesia happened again. They'll be worked on soon!

Chasmjumping has moved off of dA! You can find its Nsk Net page here! There's also a link to an archive of Euphoria Knowledge rolls here!

Just a Little Guy has been moved to the prompt archive and can be completed for seasonal currency! It was really popular! I'm glad y'all liked it <:

A problem was fixed that was preventing folks from viewing each others' breeding results onsite! Thank you pawstepsinthesnow !

That's it for now!

Coming soon:

  • Spring Funerary Apparel (sorry!)
  • Summer, with a new Raid and most likely new markings!
  • Top secret cool thing

- Anarchisme



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