March 31 2022

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Rixixi News

April 1 is here early because Anar has an appointment tomorrow! Happy early April Fool's day, where we celebrate chasm chaos!

Visit the HUB for all links! There's an art prompt (with the ability to get a slot), and the annual egg hunt! Of course, that's not all there is!

The Dwarf Primal hybrid subspecies has arrived! Officially, it's in beta, but it might take a while to get mutations and apparel on it due to Funerary taking priority.
The Dwarf Primal is a hybrid between Primal and Domestic subspecies! Instead of passing 50% itself and 50% the other subspecies in breeding, it has a 30% chance to pass Dwarf Primal, 10% chance to pass Primal, and 10% chance to pass Domestic (and the usual 50% chance to pass the other subspecies) in breeding. It has Domestic's ability to throw any color mutation, but doesn't have free tabby. This'll all be up in the breeding with subspecies page soon!

Additionally, I've decided to make it so that all mutations can be edited and customized freely without mutation stations, especially due to how beta for funerary and other subspecies is taking a while. It's been a bit stressful to leave you without bases, so I wanted to give you all something good out of this!

Okay, that's it for now! Happy egg hunting!

- Anarchisme



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