March 20 2022

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It's time for Rixixi's Spring Festival!

With the introduction of the Leyline to the average Rixixi, the customs of the spirit world have become a curiosity. Most of the customs therein are derived from the lives of the ghosts that exist there, and so it's a heavily Nskanetian realm. However, over time, some specifically Leyline customs have sprung up. Most of these involve a focus on liminal spaces, traversal between worlds, or Death Herself, but some are simply leyline versions of other customs.

The Spring's Dance is, as its name would suggest, a dance that takes place to celebrate the springtime. The Leyline itself does not have many seasonal changes, but much like Shrineseeking, the Spring's Dance is timed to Vyldes's Spring season. Specifically, the Dance typically takes place on the Equinox itself, although some smaller dances can occur in the following weeks. Participants wear masks adorned with flowers and dance around a wooden structure - the dance is typically lighthearted and unstructured, intended to be from the heart, as long as motion continues counterclockwise around the structure, anything works. At the end of the dance, flowers are removed from the mask and placed on the structure, brightening it with color.

This is most commonly practiced by Funeraries, but can be practiced by anyone in the leyline, living or dead, as long as they can wear a mask. Dances do typically take longer than fifteen minutes - the safe time for mortals to stay in the leyline - so some form of curse protection may be required to join in.


Spring Changelog

  • This Spring's new starter is Little Moss, a Funerary! He's introducing two new genes!
  • New gene: Quail - An any-color version of hood! (Suggested by iiixkitsunexiii )
  • New gene: Xanadu - A fancy soft-edged mark on the hind end and tail of a Rixixi! (Suggested by iiixkitsunexiii )
  • The Funerary Rixixi Mutation Pack is complete!
  • There's a hub on dA as usual!
  • This year will also lack new seasonal accessories - with the chaos of this last year, I'm having a very hard time keeping up on things right now, so I just want to take things one step at a time! There is another seasonal event...
  • RAIDS! Each season, a massive creature will invade, and you can do specific tasks to earn points in taking it down! The amount of points the entire userbase earns determines what prizes will be granted at the end! This will likely be updated over time, as I'm unsure of how I want some things to work and what prizes I want to add, so consider this the beta round of raids and please feel free to give suggestions! This Spring, you'll be taking down the Deathtrap!
  • Funerary Spring Items coming very soon! (Sorry guys, I was hoping to get these done before Spring but I completely lost track of time!)
  • The Karma Season has ended! You can still play IHFY and HTBD but they will no longer award karma!

I'll be rolling over the shop and everything else using seasonals either a bit later tonight or when I wake up! <:

As a reminder, the Semi Sale and B-NOMALY DTA are both ongoing!



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