September 19 2020

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Rixixi news again! An assortment of things - mainly pages moved off of dA recently as well as some updates to the Temp Conditions system pre-launch!

Rixixi News

Quick Misc. News

(because I don't want it to get missed)

Due to a recent Phoenix update, Ghosts can now breed with Non-Ghosts! While there are no uploaded Ghost Rixixi yet, this opens the way further for things like Ghost Starters, and for more freedom for future player-owned Ghosts!

Recent Off-dA Pages

  • Genetics has been ported to Nsk Net, as all Rixixi traits are now on! B-NOMALY traits are next as far as traits go!
  • Leveling Up and How To Earn Experience Points have been ported together into one Nsk Net page! The actual Leveling Up via comment is still done via the dA journal, but all info has been moved and some has been rephrased - there's also some new bonuses listed under certain power levels!
  • The Adoption Center Dropoff is a prompt now due to how smoothly the gift basket rolls as a loot table! The rest of the Adoption Center journal is still back on dA.
  • Adoption Credit Rewards are a shop here on Lorekeeper, which is something I kept forgetting to do, whoops, at least it's here now |D
  • Combat is currently not available. I have a bunch of notes on how I want to touch it up and I just need to sit down and make some time to do it, but I wanted to make sure it was offline first. It shouldn't be down for long, sorry in advance if there's a small wait!

Temporary Conditions Updates

As a reminder, Temporary Conditions will not be in effect until the 27th!

  • All current Temporary Conditions have been updated to Rare. There is a planned Temporary Condition that will be Uncommon in the future, as it is specialized to an upcoming activity and will involve more outright becoming immune than focusing on cures.
  • Aloe and Velvet Cactus have been added to Hunting (Commonly found when hunting Plant-Creature), to make them slightly more common.
  • The item Mymber Heart Valve and the Mechanix Chips Medix and Triage have had their skill text updated due to Temp Condition-related changes.
  • All Ixi imports are having small changes added to them (a Conditions: section underneath the stats). As of typing this up, I'm up to import 201, and mostly had to stop earlier because of lag.

This might be the last update before Fall comes up, but if there's anything incredibly important to note right before Fall, there'll be a last minute news post! Have fun!

- Anarchisme



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