July 22 2021

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Hello! Just a quick update on some Rixixi things.

Rixixi News

Upcoming Semi Sale

It's almost the end of July, so while I might alter the date a bit if there's a very large change in the form results, I'm going to confirm that the upcoming Semi sale is going to be Around Early September - most likely starting September 1st and lasting a month! If this doesn't work out for you guys, please let me know.

Reroll Skills

This was actually meant to be in the previous news, but I wasn't totally sure how to reword the skills yet...

Okay, so, first off, I'm genuinely sorry in advance if the skill update is confusing! Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments here, in the discord, or however else you'd like!

All items/skills that reroll items have had their skills modified. This affects Floral Tea, Lootbox Hero, Spring's Messengerbird, and Witch's Brew Tea. While the effect of the skill is the same (for the most part - Witch's Brew now affects Mining properly), the skills are now turned in at Claims rather than turned in via reply.

Lootbox Hero's update, for example:

The owner of this Rixixi can choose to reroll any item that can be opened to obtain randomized items once To use, head to claims. Add all items from the original roll into Add-Ons, link to the original roll (if applicable), and state that you're using Lootbox Hero. The reroll will be previewed in a comment, you may then choose whichever roll you would like to keep.

We're very sorry for the extra steps needed to use reroll skills! They're intended to improve item tracking, and make it so you can reroll as many rolls as you want. We've had issues in the past where we couldn't easily keep track of where rerolled items went, and so putting them in claims to reroll them makes it easy to keep track of them. It doesn't have to be the exact item you rolled, as long as the quantity is right. We've also had trouble in the past with replies being overwhelming with regards to the old method of reroll skills, but we couldn't really explain to players what was overwhelming about it. Please, feel free to put in as many as you want into Claims - we might need to take breaks, but it's less likely that things will get buried here.

Have fun rerolling, and we're sorry that it's been a bit of a mess!

Anyways, I'm still on partial hiatus, but it's a pretty good day today, so I'll be stopping by on and off to roll a few things - see you guys a bit!

- Anarchisme



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