Mymber Festival

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The area is crowded by a gaggle of Mymbers, all discussing the latest in Chasm gossip. Several Scout Mymbers have gathered together on the outskirts of the group, using the meeting to share vital information, but most of the Mymbers are just having a good time. Some of them are playing games, sharing questionable snacks, or teaching each other new things that they've learned in their travels. It looks like they're inviting all species to join in.

Happy April 1st! This year, we're celebrating with a sudden MYMBER FESTIVAL! Just a bunch of Mymbers hanging out and having fun. You can check out that linked hub for the current events going on!

You may notice that kthere are no hidden eggs this year. I had some trouble figuring out where to put them and so the scavenger hunt is delayed for ?maybe a week? - sorry for the inconvenience but I'm hoping to still set it up once I find a good spot!

Some new features released with the Mymber Festival:


  • Mumbling (+Mymb): A combination mutation! Mymber hybrid Ixi, complete with retractable arms! This can combine in breedings with Tendrils and Sleipnir, and Supercharged Fogshard Pieces will have it from April 1st 2021 - August 1st 2021!
  • Snared (+Snare): A Non-Passable mutation optionally added with Blade Snare! Suggested by Steampvnks !
  • Leyline (+Ley): B-NOMALIES have it as a trait, so it was inevitable! Leyline is nonpassable and is added with Enchanted Veil.


  • Blade Snare: A weapon mod that increases critical chance the more it bites in a row. It can swallow the opponent... or you if it's angry. Adds Snared (+Snare) optionally. Based on a suggestion from Saphira455 !
  • Enchanted Veil: Adds Leyline (+Ley). A curseblocker that doesn't count the Rixixi as a ghost.
  • Mymber Cartography Kit: Can be equipped to a Mymber to add +15 to their roll!
  • Like 5 lootboxes for the Chasm Egg shop (most of these existed in its dA version but weren't ported here yet)

Have fun! I may add more little minigames to the Mymber Fest if I have the time - check out the bonus tasks as well! I'm gonna go add the crafting recipes for the new items in a bit - hopefully see you soon with the scavenger hunt if all goes well!

- Anarchisme



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