March 8 2021

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by Anarchie

Hey, got some Rixixi news!

Rixixi News

The Semi Sale closed a couple of days ago! Thank you for the support! We'll very likely have another one in the summer, and I'll try to announce it with more notice this time, haha.

Phoenix Update 16

We've had another Phoenix Update! You can now see previews of every planned update in the Shrine, and of course, there's some new Lore!

New Item Unlocks:

Here There Be Dragons & other Karma

Due to the current Karma Season, HTBD has been ported to Nsk Net! Its chapters are available as prompts on Chasmhome. You can currently obtain Karma from it while the Karma season is active.

Also, on request, more links have been added to the Karma page! Hope that helps!

IHFY chapter 2 is about 70% written right now, and I can confirm that there is a version of the chapter with some slight modifications if you don't have the mymber with you - it's not a huge difference, but I did want to write something in to recognize the choice.

I think that's it for now - have fun!

EDIT: I forgot to post that barters have cycled but Barters have cycled haha whoops.

- Anarchisme



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