December 2 2020

Posted 3 years ago :: Last edited 3 years ago by Anarchie

A B-NOMALY update for you today!


A seasonal prompt is available for the month of December! You can show your B-NOMALY or a NPC doing something winter/winter holiday related in the Snowbunny Solstice prompt, and in return for your first entry, you'll receive a Mutant MYO! (3 Anarchic traits included)

Just in time for more MYOs*, almost all B-NOMALY traits are now located on Chasmhome! Fogholder and Doppelganger are not located on Chasmhome - their guides will be upgraded with images when I have the time to do this.

*this was not intentionally timed haha

Some B-NOMALY NPCs are now on Chasmhome to test and see if the character masterlist function will work well enough to host user B-NOMALIES - so far, it's working well, I just have some more things to test (and the remaining traits to prepare) before that's ready!

More Rixixi and B-NOMALY news coming soon, and some larger updates/year-end wrapups coming soon before the winter solstice!

- Anarchisme



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