November 22 2020

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Hello! Got some Rixixi updates today!

Rixixi News


Barters/Prompts have cycled! Fang is back, the Faction Tier 1 Prompts have cycled, and there's another Fall-themed prompt, this time with Uuner! Feel free to check them out! c:

Also, some of you might have noticed that Lunar's barter was missing in the summer - She needed some wording tweaks, as I didn't want to come across as making light of IRL situations. Plus, from a gameplay standpoint, I wanted to get used to actually using the staff reply function before using a reply-heavy barter like Lunar's. Good news is, she's coming back near the end of the season, in the Cat and Mjilikae barter. It'll function basically the same as her old barter, I'm just calling it something different.


Combat has been reimplemented! It's been moved to a Nsk Net page, and is submitted here on Chasmhome as a claim - check out the page for more information on that! There've been several tweaks:

  • Equipment used in combat is now limited by what level your Rixixi is at! This was initially mentioned by the new Leveling Up page, but Combat itself was under construction at that time. Equipment in general is not limited - this refers to what you can take into an individual fight.
  • Battle Modes are now fully customizeable - and I mean fully, I've included ways to add arena hazards and everything. You can choose a Standard Mode if you don't care about all that.
  • There's some additional combat drops! Mushroom Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, and Stone Soup to Go have been added to Uncommon combat drops. Nabeyaki Udon, Mushroom Soup (Large), Chicken Noodle Soup (Large), Stone Soup, Irish Stew, and BBQ Platter have been added to Rare combat drops.
  • THE BEAST of AlternateFatality fame has finally been added to the list of NPCs who can be fought! This is a feature that's been talked about since like 2018, it's about time. To fight The Beast, you have to first encounter them in Chasmjumping - your Rixixi can then take revenge as long as you have your AlternateFatality comment as proof!
  • General combat wording tweaks, hopefully helps with some clarity

Have fun, fight on!

Kellas Cats

A rule change has gone into effect for Kellas Cats: "This ability can be activated once a week per Kellas Cat, and up to 3 times a week per user." (Previously no mentioned limit per user)

Kellas cats originally had no real limit on how many cats could be sent out per week - it was only limited by the amount of Cats you had attached to Rixixi. This was honestly an error that I never really fixed because you all, the players, have been keeping the amount of cats sent out really reasonable - I've seen a maximum of about 3 a week most of the time. Thank you. I'm setting this rule mostly so that we don't have to worry about it later, and I'm basing it off the maximum y'all were going off of, because it was working. 3x a week per user works well. If we have to tweak it later, hey, that's fine too, but this works and it was totally my error that there wasn't a limit before.

(This only really came to mind in the first place even because I was editing the Euphoria rules and Kellas Cats run on Chasmjumping logic V: )

Anyways, have fun! I'll be back soon with more stuff!

- Anarchisme



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