November 17 2020

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A small B-NOMALY update and a small Rixixi update!


Token Calculation rules update

Part of Token Calculation has been updated because the previous rule was outdated and kind of confusing!

Old Rule:

Commissioned art: +10 token bonus for both the commissioner and the artist!! Art trades, design trades, etc all count for this.
Collabs: Both artists get the full token payout!

New Rule:

Commissioned art and Collabs: Both artists/Both commissioner and artist get the full token payout, +10 token bonus for both artists/Commissioner and Artist!
Art trades, design trades, etc all count as commissioned art  - if it was in exchange for something and not as a gift, it counts!

Both rules were combined to maximize payouts for both commissions and collabs. <: I would offer retroactive tokens for this, but to my knowledge I'm the only person who's lost tokens due to the old ruling. I don't need retroactive tokens, but if anyone else lost out on tokens, let me know and I'll comp you what you missed.

Rixixi News

New Items

Just a couple small things but

  • Ananas - while it is Pineapple in english, Rixixi usually use the most common word for a thing they're being introduced to, or the word in the thing's language of origin. A lot of languages use Ananas, so a lot of Rixixi call it Ananas. Some Rixixi call it Pineapple or Piña (or rarely, something else entirely) dialectually, however.
  • Jalapeño Pineapple Pizza - this is my preferred pizza order :V


Aight, have fun! Catch you soon with more stuff.

- Anarchisme



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