August 13 2020

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Hello! Anarchisme here with your Chasm News! I've been having trouble getting journals to work on dA when I need to post news (sorry for the lack of updates on dA - it's because of this.), so I'm going to just post a deviation with a link to this page when this updates. It just seems easier to work with.

Most of our news is on the Rixixi end so I'm gonna do the B-NOM stuff first so it doesn't get buried!

B-NOMALY general Announcements:

We've had an uptick in activity since moving to Lorekeeper and I'm incredibly excited! I'm having some IRL Issues that are slowing me down a bit on art but I'm looking forward to working on bunnos. Please keep asking bun questions. I live for this.

I'll update the journals and other sources of info to make them properly up to date. ...Doppelganger and Fogholder may need an infographic sometime. I was gonna say an FAQ but like, nah, a graphic.

Thank you for your patience and your interest in buns, I missed buns.

Rixixi Announcements:

General Announcements:

I don't even fully know where I was at with Rixixi news because the last time I was going to update the news, dA wouldn't let me hit send on the journal for some unknown reason. So, as a quick recap:

  • The Summer Festival is going on!
  • Pride 2020 had recently closed as of the last update to the news journal.
  • Contraband Enforcement is no longer an Earth police analogue. Rumors are closed for rewriting.

Pride 2020 Collab image

And now for actual updates, most of which have been covered in the discord (so you may be familiar if you're a member):

  • The Black Market has moved to Nsk Net.
  • Nsk Net now has a Pantheon page that doubles as a Shrine hub. I'd been sitting on this page half-finished for ages and finally remembered it existed.
  • Phoenix updates 6-8 are out! Several new items have been released, as well as a lot of new lore.
  • Navigation on Nsk Net upgraded in general! This will probably replace the dA navigation entirely, but I think I might like to include a few of the main dA links in the dA nav box, so like, I'm gonna think about how to best do that before completely erasing everything.
  • The Nsk Net Nav will also include a B-NOMALY tab in the future, I just kind of need to get things a less of a mess first!

New Items:


Rixixi Barters are cycling on 2 AM Eastern on the 16th! Go throw a lot of rocks at Raiiax, and check out the art barters if you want!

See you next time with some more stuff! Hopefully things are a bit less messy by then!




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