July 4 2022

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Rixixi News

Happy Meningitis Survival Day! (Ask... ask Anar about that if you want to know, it's somewhere in the discord if you want to look omg)

Long story short (or at least made meningitis-free), in honor of a design that was made in 2014 on this day, a new Mechanix has been designed for a raffle! You can find the design here!

You can enter this raffle by submitting a prompt here! You don't have to do anything, just submit a prompt, it's free. One per person!

The raffle runs from July 4th to the end of the day (site time) July 16th, at which time entries will close! Good luck!

- Anarchisme
no yall i wouldnt make an america day themed design this is a meningitis survival day design



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