September 13 2020

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All Rixixi news again! It's mostly items, but also some information on the upcoming Temporary Conditions release.

Rixixi Updates:

Temporary Conditions Updates:

Some updates to the Temporary Conditions feature, based on player feedback:

  • There will be an equippable item that opts out of the feature entirely (granting immunity to all temporary conditions, but also may restrict the Rixixi from entering the Medic specialty due to how much Medic will be tied into Temp Conditions). I don't have an exact recipe, but it'll be similar in item amount and rarity as crafting an Apparel.
  • Certain Rixixi levels will grant resistance and eventually immunity to all temporary conditions - 30% at Active, 70% at Irradiated, and full immunity at Omnipotent. The levelup page is being rewritten, and the new page will list these bonuses as well as a couple others!
  • Mymber Heart Valves will grant temp condition resistance to all Rixixi in a piece if they're listed as a resistance, to keep their Temp Condition resistance use in line with the original use of the item. This'll be written into the skill by the time temp conditions fully launches.
  • There will likely be a Medic-purchaseable skill tree that grants temp condition resistance to all Rixixi in a piece, and applies to all temp conditions - essentially a buffed Mymber Heart Valve skill. I don't have the exact resistance percentage finalized yet (30% or 50% is likely), but this was a suggestion!

Most suggestions were based around allowing players to earn ways to resist conditions, or just opt out. That's totally valid. This is meant to be more to do, not an annoyance to have to deal with. c: Thank you for the suggestions as to how to make this more interesting!

I'm still eyeing the rates for the conditions, will make a news post if I change them.

New Items:

Some of these have been up for a while, but it's been a bit since these have been gone over:


It's been two weeks already! Barters have cycled!

That's all for now! As a heads up, I'll probably be extending the current Chrono shard dates through the fall because while I want to add a gene or two if I have the time (I never did get around to adding rat tail and that's a pretty quick one), I can't promise I'll be able to add a rare/combo, and I don't want any empty supercharged chronos.

Have fun!




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