August 30 2020

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Hello! Today's news post is all about Rixixi, but with the Rixixi Traits being ported, we're coming closer to the B-NOMALY traits being ported, so there'll be some larger B-NOMALY updates soon! We've got some larger Rixixi updates today though, so read on for that!


Today's updates include a preview of a major upcoming feature as well as an update to several kitchen recipes' stats!

Temporary Conditions

This is a major upcoming feature, and as it will change gameplay significantly, is currently being previewed for about a month before officially entering gameplay!


This had been suggested a long time ago, and will become more relevant with an upcoming Phoenix Shrine release - Temporary Conditions will roll along with certain activities, typically at an uncommon to rare rate. Until the Ixi is healed from these conditions, they are impeded or stopped from doing activities. They can be healed by crafting items or by art/lit pieces depicting healing.
Most of the conditions are based off of existing Radiation Sickness debuffs - they're essentially temporary mini rad sicknesses, in functionality.

Any of the items listed for cures that don't exist yet will be released with Temporary Conditions themselves, as well as several other things in the full Medic Release! Here's the current plans:

  • Aloe - will drop in Earth and Nskanetis (probably the Chasm)
  • Velvet Cactus - will drop in Sxriix (probably the Chasm)
  • Mymber Blood Transfusion - crafted from Science Kit + Colorpitch
  • Bandage - Leather + (Aloe/Velvet Cactus)
  • Splint - Bandage + Wood
  • ANAREIZH'S SHRINE - New Nsk Guardian Shrine. Offers 1 free heal per month (no sacrifice needed), accepts sacrifices 1/week for healing. Does not count against monthly guardian count. May also offer other things for purchase in a shop, like Thoriane.
  • CONTRABAND ENFORCEMENT - MEDIC - Similar to the Scientist Specialty, earn points by healing yourself and others, crafting medicine, etc. Obtain contraband legally, other perks.

The temp conditions are already in the roller (thanks Sian!), so over the course of this month, we can monitor them to see if the uncommon ones are coming up too frequently. They might be tweaked a bit before launch if they're too punishing - this is intended to be more complex gameplay, not something irritating.

Some behind the scenes: Bandage was originally going to be apparel + aloe/cactus, but that wouldn't really be user-friendly, regardless of the logic behind it.

Kitchen Stats

Several Kitchen recipes' stats were far too low for the ingredients they required, and have been updated. Here's a full list:

  • Brownie: Now +40 Spd/+10 Def (Previously +30 Spd)
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: Now +30 Spd/20 Def (Previously +30 Spd)
  • Chocolate Croissant: Now +30 Spc/+20 Spd/+10 Def (Previously +20 Spc/+10 Def/+10 Spd)
  • Guacamole: Now +20 Def/+20 Spc/+20 Spd (Previously +20 Spc/+20 Spd)
  • Lasagne: Now +40 Def/+20 Spc/+10 Atk (Previously +30 Def/+10 Spc)
  • Mint Chip Cookie: Now +30 Spd /+20 Spc (Previously +20 Spd/+10 Spc)
  • Meat Cake: Now +30 Atk /+20 Def /+10 Spc (Previously +10Atk/+10Spc/+10Def)
  • Sweet Apple-Berry Coffee Cake: Now +30 Def/+30 Spd (Previously +20 Def/+20 Spd)
  • Tortilla Chips with Guacamole: Now +40 Def/+30 Spd/+20 Spc (Previously +30 Spd/+20 Def/+20 Spc)

The general idea here was that a recipe with 5+ unique ingredients shouldn't be giving below 40 total stats. I don't know how to logically refund past stats granted, so everyone will be seeing these updated items in their inventory very soon (but you're going to have to give me just a bit on that, because I'm going to be giving them out to both Lorekeeper and 2.0 inventories).

Misc. Updates

Barters changed over yesterday! Fang is back, and Corona is being the middleman for some alchemy again. As for the Faction Tier 1 barters, all of them have now shown up - there are 6 of them in total for each faction and this is the 2nd instance of cycling barters out. I'll be cycling the Tier 1 prompts out somewhat at random from now on. <:

I was trying to make a Nsk Net hub for genetics since the Traits list is in progress, but I managed to break the code I use for spoilers (and I was using it to shorten lists of traits). Hopefully I'll have that available soon??

Anyways, I'll go get on sending the food items out! Have fun, don't forget to read over the temp conditions page when you have time!




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