Event - I'm Here For You

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Story: Prologue: The Lost | Interlude: An Interrupted Solstice | I'm Here For You: Chapters 1-3 (TBA)
Prompts: The Lost Event Prompt | Leyline-Connected: Chipper and the Harbinger (Multispecies Prompt)

Adoptables: Trailblazer (Closed) | The Seers (Closed) | Leykeeper

Another B-NOMALY is out - Leykeeper! This B-NOMALY has the new Leyline mutation, and due to this, the Leyline mutation is now publicly released! You can add it with Anarchic Fogshard tokens, its guide is out, etc. <: The prologue has updated as well! This is a fairly major story part! I'm pretty sure this is the last update to the prologue (unless I suddenly realize something is unclear and add something?? unlikely) - We'll see you with more story and more prompts in the Rixixi chapters!!

It might be a short wait before I can release the Rixixi chapters for this event - I just need to get the art ready for chapter 1, the story is prepped!

I've also updated the navigation up there since there's more story with Rixixi's Winter Solstice having multispecies aspects. <: Enjoy!



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