December 5 2023

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Hey, we've got some fairly important Rixixi news (stuff you should really be aware of), and some regular news!

Rixixi News

Y'all may have noticed that design approval and breedings slowed, and breedings were briefly marked closed to Rixixi. I've unmarked them as closed, and I'm absolutely going to get to them before anything here happens, but they're going to close again in January, and here's what's up.

Due to dA making function far worse, genos are all going to be converted into MYOs, and design approvals are going to be run through lorekeeper at that point. This is going to happen sometime in January - I'm not sure on the exact date yet, we have to get a couple of functions worked into MYOs first because a couple of things are missing but it's only a couple. Breedings are involved in this because they generate more genos and I don't really know what to do about that, I'm fine with rolling the current ones but I don't want more to be made while I'm converting from geno to MYO, y'know?

This will probably take a while because there are a lot of genos. This is fine, I like tedious things, but it just might put a holdup on new designs. Please be aware of that! It'll also probably be kind of weird getting used to the lorekeeper design approval method if you haven't used it already. If you've put a B-NOM in, it's the same thing.

Design approval and breedings were slowed/temporarily closed because this was originally going to happen in November maybe (didn't reach an official decision in admin chat but it was my original plan), but didn't happen that way, and December is entirely too busy for me to work this in, so it's moved over to January and I'm giving y'all a heads up in case you want to get any designs in before then. (:

Multispecies news

The Semi and MYO sale is still open until January 5th! Check it out if you're interested!


Snowbunny Solstice is back because it's December! You can get a MYO B-NOMALY from this prompt, so be sure to check it out if you want one!

I uh, honestly feel like I'm forgetting something, so this news might be bumped later, but if I'm not, I'll catch you in the next one! Happy holidays!

- Anarchie



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