Sun (nSun/SunSun) (Common)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
A hard-edged marking on the chest, in an abstract or semi-abstract shape. Lighter than base or a tan or gold color. Can modify a few markings.


Rixixi Sun by magmatixiRixixi Primal Sun by magmatixiRixixi Domestic Sun by magmatixi

  • Must be lighter than base coat, tan, or gold.
  • Edges should be hard or textured-edged.
  • It should be a mostly abstract or fully abstract shape - if it's a recognizeable shape (heart, actual sun, star, etc), it should appear as if it's a marking rather than a tattoo.

Modifying other markings:

Sun is not a full modifier, but can combine with certain markings.
Sun + Panda, Pangare, Tan, or Unders
Sun can combine with any of these markings by either cutting Sun's shape out of the chest marking or (if the marking is present elsewhere on the body as well) replacing the chest marking with the shape.
Sun + Daggerstabbed:
Sun can combine with Daggerstabbed to make Daggerstabbed a hard-edged marking.
Sun + Spectacled:
Sun can combine with Spectacled to do one or both of the following effects:
  • Make Spectacled gold
  • Combine the two markings (Spectacled with a larger chest marking)


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