Sulfur (nSfr/SfrSfr) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
A soft-edged marking based on fire. Sulfur can either present on up to 50% of the Ixi's body on its own, or restrict to any one marking. Dominant Sulfur can restrict to multiple markings.

  • If appearing on its own, Sulfur should be soft-edged, and cover no more than 50% of the Ixi's body. If modifying a marking, Sulfur takes on the shape and texture rules of that marking, overriding the color and patterns.
  • Sulfur should be the color of fire - any sort of fire, including chemical fires. It should be only one 'type' of fire in color - mixing pink with green generally doesn't work unless you can find a reference image for that. The inside of the marking should be cloudy with similar flame colors no matter if it's modifying a marking or creating its own marking.
  • Recessive Sulfur (nSfr) can create its own marking OR modify one marking. Dominant Sulfur (SfrSfr) can create its own marking AND/OR modify any number of markings.


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