Painted (nPtd/PtdPtd) (Rare)

Category: Rixixi
Species: Rixixi
Presents as bands and waves of color wrapping around either parts of the body (the base coat) or applying to the color of a marking. Can be multicolored.
Dominant Painted can modify multiple markings or modify marking(s) and the base coat.

  • The shape of Painted typically wraps around the body part it presents on, whether on a marking or the base coat, and often appears as wavy, curved, or otherwise slightly imperfect at least to show that it warps around the shape of the body. Sometimes it warps further, creating waves, bumps, even cloudlike patterns in the bands of colors. There is no restriction on edge hardness, but it should not be so blurred as to obscure the signature shape of each band.
  • Painted may be lighter or darker than the base coat, lighter or darker than the original marking it modifies, lighter or darker than another marking on the Rixixi, or any combination of the above! It can also be combined with bands of any color of the designer's choosing!
  • Recessive Painted (nPtd) can modify the base coat OR modify one marking. Dominant Painted (PtdPtd) can create modify the base coat AND/OR modify any number of markings.


Serritana 0082 by magmatixi


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